10 TopTips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Knowing where to start looking or ‘if it’s the one’ is a dilemma that lots of engaged couples face when choosing their wedding venue. Well worry not, as here are 10 helpful questions you can ask to help you decide if it’s the right one for you……

1. Can it accommodate your numbers?
If you have a guest list of 100’s that you absolutely cannot cut, but the venue is a small boutique hotel that only has room for 50 people, then it’s not for you.

2.What exactly is included in the package and/or price you have been quoted?
Always get a full list in writing of what is and is not included before you book, so there are no unwelcome surprises of hidden ‘extras’ charges.

3.What are the menu options?
Find out what the menu options are and make sure the venue offers you a tasting session so you can be confident that the food is up to standard.

4.Does the venue have a designated wedding coordinator and will they be there on the day?
You need to have confidence that there is one person in charge of arranging and coordinating your wedding from start to finish who fully understands your requirements.

5.Will there be any other weddings on the same day?
Some larger venues can host multiple weddings on the same day, so find out if you will have sole use of the venue and facilities or if you will be sharing it with another wedding party.

6.How many bedrooms are available for guests and can they be reserved in advance?
If there are not sufficient bedrooms for all your guests, find out if there is alternative accommodation nearby. If not you may need to provide transport for your guests.

7.Does the venue have a list of preferred/recommended suppliers and do you have to use them?
Some couples prefer to have a helping hand from their venue and use the wedding suppliers they recommend (e.g. stationers, florists, room styling etc). Other couples may already have chosen their own suppliers and want to use them instead.

8.Are there restrictions on the type of music that can be played and what time must it end?
Some venues, particularly those close to residential areas, may have limitations imposed on them regarding the type of music, how loud it can be and what time it must be turned off.

9.Is there adequate parking on site for guests?
You want your guests to relax and enjoy your day and not have to worry about parking.

10.Is there a backup plan in case of bad weather?
If you are having an outdoor ceremony make sure the venue has a contingency plan in place. Find out where the ceremony will be moved to and will there be sufficient time to turn the room around for the Reception?

Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing some of the best wedding venues in the North East who we are proud to work with. So please keep checking our blog.