5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but sometimes your personalities and style can get lost along the way. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your wedding a little bit more personal to you both:

Create Your Own Unique Hashtag
You and your guests can use this on social media so be imaginative with your hashtag name. Use it in the build up to your day, on the day and afterwards too. Keep track of messages from friends and family, photos etc. Make sure to include it in your invitations to let everyone know what it is.

Customise Your Invitations
The choices of personalised invitations are endless, so make sure you choose the right wedding stationer to work with who can create a design personal to you. You could include caricatures of you and your partner, artwork of things that represent your relationship, places of importance etc. At Coochicoo Cards we have created designs which included everything from children to pets, Paris to New York, tractors to tea parties, ladybirds to woodland creatures…nothing is impossible.

Write your own vows
This is the ultimate personal touch to your wedding. Do not be afraid as your vows do not have to be too gushy and romantic – just personal to you both – even if you include a sense of humour. Speak from the heart, it’s the one chance to show your friends and family how you truly ‘get’ each other.

Use old photographs
Instead of using table numbers use photographs of places/things special to you both. Or create a display of old photographs of you and your partner from babies to now. This is sure to entertain your guests.

Choose your own playlist
Work with your DJ to make a playlist filled with your favourite songs and music that has meaning to you both. Rely on the DJ to make sure the right songs are played at the right time though.