The Colour Pink

Here at Coochicoo Cards we are all about the colour and we just LOVE LOVE pink! So, here are some little fun facts about our favourite colour….

Most flamingo species are pink in colour due to pink pigments in their diet.

A pink colour ribbon is used to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pink is referred to as ‘the colour of love’ and is widely used on Valentines Day.

The colour pink is named after the flowering plants called pinks.

Pink has a calming effect but the closer to red the less of a calming effect.





Allerton Court Hotel | Coochicoo Cards

A Hidden Gem in Northallerton

Did you know that Northallerton has been hiding a wedding venue secret…….the Allerton Court Hotel! Situated on the edge of Northallerton the hotel has a bright modern interior with a spacious function room and large garden at the rear, perfect for your wedding photographs.

They can cater for any size wedding from an intimate 10 guests upto 120 for your civil ceremony and wedding breakfast, and up to 250 evening guests. Their wedding menu’s are created using local providers using the freshest best quality ingrediants.

Function room Allerton Court Hotel | Coochicoo Cards

The wedding team at Allerton Court Hotel understand that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and their aim is to make it unforgettable. They take pride in providing professional standards, excellent service, flexibility and attention to detail whilst creating a relaxed atmosphere to ensure you and your guests enjoy the big day.

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit . Contact: Louise T: 01609 780525, E:

Top 10 Valentines Day Facts | Coochicoo Cards

Top 10 Facts About Valentine’s Day

It is renowned for being the ‘most romantic day of the year’ with flowers, cards and gifts, but why? Here are the top 10 interesting facts about the big Valentine’s Day…….

  1. The most popular theory about Valentine’s Day’s origin is that Emperor Claudius II did not want Roman men to marry during wartime as single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. For this he was jailed and executed.
  2. While in jail, Valentine wrote a note to the jailor’s daughter he had fell in love with signing it “from your Valentine” – hence the first card.
  3. In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  4. In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared 14th February the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.
  5. The red rose was the favourite flower of Venus (the Roman goddess of love) and red symbolises strong romantic feelings.
  6. In the 1800’s Physicians advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love.
  7. In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card which is why cards are signed anonymously.
  8. The X (kiss) symbol is believed to originate in medieval times when people who could not write their names signed in front of a witness with an X. The X was then kissed to show their sincerity.
  9. In the 18th Century loves in England began to send trinkets and cards to their loved ones. In 1913 Hallmark Cards began mass producing Valentine’s Day cards and now over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.
  10. The average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year is 220,000.

Coochicoo Cards wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and if you are lucky enough to get engaged, many Congratulations xx

A Christmas Poem | coochicooc cards

A Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.

The ring had been wrapped
and was in a box under the tree.
And soon he would be getting
down on one knee.

The couple awoke,
and gave each other a kiss and a cuddle.
The boyfriend was nervous,
his mind was a muddle.

He gave her the velvet box,
and she spotted the ring.
“Please marry me” he said,
“I do!” she did sing.

For the next few weeks,
she was floating on air.
Choosing the best suppliers,
with the utmost care.

They searched the net,
attended Wedding fayres too.
With 18 months to go,
there was lots to do.

At the 12 month mark,
they sent Save The Dates.
To make sure family could attend,
as well as their mates.

With 4 months to go,
their invitations were sent.
They had been uniquely designed,
with love and intent.

The big day arrived,
how beautiful the room did look.
With a gorgeous table plan, menus,
place cards and matching guest book.

All the guests commented,
how fabulous their stationery looked.
“Thank you”, they said,
it was Coochicoo Cards that we booked.


Wedding Planning Tips | Coochicoo Cards

10 Top Tips On Wedding Planning Like A Pro

Here are 10 little top tips that you may not have thought about when planning your wedding.

1. Budget for Everything
So setting a budget is not very romantic but you don’t want to over spend and allow the costs to spiral out of control and end up starting your married life in debt. It’s how you spend your money that counts and not how much. Use our handy Wedding Budget spreadsheet to keep you on track. See our previous Blog Wedding Planning BudgetWedding Budget Planner | Coochicoo Cards





2. Space When Choosing Your Venue
Once you have asked all the usual questions about your dream venue and you know it can accommodate your numbers, make sure to check if there is space for other elements of your celebration that you want to include for example is there room for a dance floor / live band/ bucking bronco (if that’s your thing). See our previous blog 10 Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue 

3. Don’t forget the legal stuff
Which comes first the chicken or the egg… have found your dream venue and picked your wedding date, now you need to contact your local Register Office to make sure they are available to conduct your ceremony on that date! You must give ‘notice to marry’ (a legal declaration that you are both free to marry each other) to the registrar in the district where you live. If you both live in different districts then you each need to give a separate notice to the registrar in your own district. The notice will be displayed publicly in the register office where you live. A notice is valid for 12 months and you cannot give notice until your ceremony venue is booked. See our previous Blog Top Tips on Planning Your Civil Ceremony.

4. Don’t Let Dieting Take Over Your Day
Keep your dieting goals realistic and sensible. Do not set a weight goal and definitely do NOT buy a wedding dress two sizes too small thinking you will diet to get into it – this is putting too much pressure on yourself. If you starve yourself, or spend every waking moment in the gym, you will be exhausted and hungry by the time the wedding arrives and in no mood to party. Remember that your fiancé loves you just the way you are.

5. The ‘Gift List’ Dilemma
Gift list or no gift list? As most engaged couples are already living together, gift lists are now more about upgrading to things you’ve always wanted but may not be able to afford. It’s a once in a lifetime wish list for your dream home. Or perhaps you would prefer money towards a honeymoon, home renovations or donations to charity but feel uncomfortable asking your guests to bring actual cash on the day? A solution is Prezola, the wedding gift list company. Wedding Gift List | Coochicoo CardsJust sign up online at and enter code PZABVDYULVG to receive £50 credit to spend and free gift list cards to send out with your invitations. Don’t feel guilty about asking, as your guests really do want to buy you a gift. Let’s face it, they would rather you had something useful than something that will get put in a cupboard (or on eBay) and never see the light of day! (Coochicoo Cards accepts no responsibility and will not be liable in anyway if you sign up to Prezola. Any agreements and contracts will be between yourself and Prezola. Prezola Terms and Conditions apply, please see their website.)

6. Strategic Seating Planning
Do not wait for all your RSVP’s to come in, start organising your seating plan as soon as possible as you do not want it to be a rush before the big day. You can always alter it nearer the time as late RSVP’s come in. See our previous Blog Strategic Seating Planning

7. Break In Your Wedding Shoes
Wear your wedding shoes around the house before the big day to make sure they are comfy. No one wants blisters on their special day. Wear them only indoors to make sure you keep them clean.

8. Prepare for the weather
Check the forecast – OK so the weathermen don’t always get it right but its best to be prepared. All good wedding car suppliers should have a couple of umbrellas in the car just in case it starts to rain and to keep you covered but make sure they do. Why not ask your ushers to take old towels with them to the church so they can dry the floor once the guests are seated so your dress doesn’t end up covered in muddy water.

9. Don’t Forget to say ‘Thank You’
Make sure to give your guests a personalised wedding favour on the day and always send ‘Thank You’ cards afterwards. You don’t want them to think their attendance and wedding gifts were not appreciated. See our previous Blog Top Tips On Picking Wedding Favours 





10. Make Every Moment Count
What I hear time and time again from brides is that the day flew by and went too fast. So make sure you enjoy and savour every single moment and get your photographer and videographer to capture as much of the day as they can so you have the memories to last forever.

How to handle a bridesmaidzilla | Coochicoo Cards

How To Handle A Bridesmaidzilla

What to do when your friend has big plans for your wedding day and starts behaving like a diva. Here are some common bridesmaid problems and tips on how to solve them:

1. She won’t wear the dress you have chosen
If your heart is set on having your entire bridal party in a particular colour/style tell her how lovely she looks in the dress you have chosen and emphasise that the colour/style suits her. But if she sulks after that gently remind her that it’s your day and you would happily wear whatever she chooses for you on her wedding day. Or consider letting each bridesmaid choose a different style which suits them but keep to the same colour theme. There is nothing to say that they all have to wear identical outfits.

2. Your bridesmaids keep arguing
If your bridesmaids do not know each other very well then get them all together for a proper bonding session before your hen do. Make it a fun girly day out or night in. But if it’s still muskets at dawn between them, remind them it is your day and ask them nicely to at least tolerate each other until after the wedding, you could even try to limit the amount of time they spend together.

3. She has very strong opinions on your choices.
When helpful advice turns into pushy badgering, it might be time to say something. Tell her the awful dress she has picked out is not the one of your dreams, or her choice of venue is just not you! It’s your day and if she loves you, she’ll understand.

4. She is organising the hen do from hell
Although surprises are nice, when it comes to your hen-do its best to give your bridesmaid an idea of what your perfect night/weekend is. If you do not want an expensive weekend away that is outside everyone’s budget then tell her, if you do not want strippers then tell her.

5. She expects you to pay for EVERYTHING
Remind her that weddings are expensive and that you are not made of money. Tell her that while she is an important part of your day she may have to pay for her own shoes/hotel/make up etc.

Remember that your friends should love you and always have your best interests at heart. If they won’t toe the line then maybe you need to reconsider if they are the right girl for the job!

5 ways to make your wedding more personal | Coochicoo Cards

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but sometimes your personalities and style can get lost along the way. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your wedding a little bit more personal to you both:

Create Your Own Unique Hashtag
You and your guests can use this on social media so be imaginative with your hashtag name. Use it in the build up to your day, on the day and afterwards too. Keep track of messages from friends and family, photos etc. Make sure to include it in your invitations to let everyone know what it is.

Customise Your Invitations
The choices of personalised invitations are endless, so make sure you choose the right wedding stationer to work with who can create a design personal to you. You could include caricatures of you and your partner, artwork of things that represent your relationship, places of importance etc. At Coochicoo Cards we have created designs which included everything from children to pets, Paris to New York, tractors to tea parties, ladybirds to woodland creatures…nothing is impossible.

Write your own vows
This is the ultimate personal touch to your wedding. Do not be afraid as your vows do not have to be too gushy and romantic – just personal to you both – even if you include a sense of humour. Speak from the heart, it’s the one chance to show your friends and family how you truly ‘get’ each other.

Use old photographs
Instead of using table numbers use photographs of places/things special to you both. Or create a display of old photographs of you and your partner from babies to now. This is sure to entertain your guests.

Choose your own playlist
Work with your DJ to make a playlist filled with your favourite songs and music that has meaning to you both. Rely on the DJ to make sure the right songs are played at the right time though.

Jersey Farm | Coochicoo Cards

Best North East Wedding Venues – Part 15

And finally we reach the end of our the second week of featuring the best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East who we are very proud to work with, and be preferred wedding stationery provider for. This follows on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post and we are showcasing a different #weddingvenue every day for two weeks. So in no particular order today we feature the quirky Jersey Farm Hotel on Darlington Road, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, DL12 8TA.

Jersey Farm | Coochicoo Cards

The Jersey Farm Hotel is set in 12 acres of luscious farmland, with a peaceful and calming charm and provides a tranquil retreat from the everyday world. They pride themselves on bringing a personal touch to your wedding and offer various options of where to get married: The Lounge Suite is a warm and friendly room that overlooks green fields and small receptions of up to 30 guests work very well in this room. The Garden Suite overlooks the patio and lawn area and has a light and airy feel, excellent for small/medium sized receptions of up to 60 guests. The Barn is large and spacious with a balcony and a stage (for the top table). Doors behind the stage lead out onto a fountained terrace and lawns, Balustrade, and private garden. This room is ideal for larger size weddings seating up to 200 for the day reception and up to 300 guests for the evening. The Barn Side Room runs adjacent to the barn and is segregated by concertina doors. It has subtle pale lilac walls with contemporary lighting, a wooden floor and interesting floral photographic art on the walls. This also leads out onto the terrace as well as to courtyard rooms and is suitable for up to 90 guests.

Jersey Farm room setting | Coochicoo Cards


For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit Contact: Ruth , T: 01833 638223, E:


Tipi Chic | Coochicoo Cards

Best North East Wedding Venues – Part 14

We are almost at the end of the second week of featuring more best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East who we are very proud to work with, and be preferred wedding stationery provider for. This follows on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post and we are showcasing a different #weddingvenue every day for two weeks. So in no particular order today we feature the amazing TipiChic at well, anywhere you want it really!

Tipi Chic | Coochicoo Cards

TipiChic is an event in a tent, well a giant series of Tipis to be exact, the tipis are linked, lit and heated as required. With flooring, tables, seating, fire pit and mood lighting giving you a chilled or vibrant wedding in a surrounding that suit your tastes. It is about showing who you are on your wedding day. Everything from their giant indoor fire pits to their huge glitter ball and everything in between can be transported to a location of your choice. With plenty of room for their reasonably priced licensed bar, large dance floor and as many guests as you require you could have the Chic wedding of your dreams in a location that suits you. The Nordic Tipis are warm and cosy when the winter weather sets in and in the summer the sides can be opened to allow the outside in. Hay bales and fire pits outside are a welcome chill out spot for the summer nights. With their lantern lit carpeted pathways and huge choice of décor to dress the internal areas of the tipis your wedding can be as individual as you are. The team are on hand to not only make this the best day of your life but also the best event any of your guests have ever attended.

Tipi Chic inside tipi | Coochicoo Cards Tipi Chic outside | Coochicoo Cards


For more information visit Contact: James Calvert, T: 07582 661868, E:

Crathorne Hall | Coochicoo Cards

Best North East Wedding Venues – Part 13

We continue the second week of featuring more best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East who we are very proud to work with, and be preferred wedding stationery provider for. This follows on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post and we are showcasing a different #weddingvenue every day for two weeks. So in no particular order today we feature the beautiful Crathorne Hall at Crathorne, Yarm, North Yorkshire, TS15 OAR.

Crathorne Hall | Coochicoo CardsCrathorne Hall is a magnificent Edwardian country house set in 15 acres of stunning grounds and gardens just on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors with captivating views of the Leven Valley. With their award winning food and friendly service you have the ultimate wedding venue in Yarm. Crathorne Hall will leave nothing to chance and their dedicated co-ordinators will advise on everything from cars to caviar. When your big day arrives, an experienced member of the team will be there from start to finish. All you need to do is relax, mingle with your guests and enjoy the moment. They have a range of rooms licensed for civil ceremonies: the Presidents Lounge and Yorkshire suites are perfect for intimate services; the gorgeous Edwardian Room can seat up to 90 guests with additional 10 standing for a ceremony; while the Drawing Room can accommodate up to 100 guests for the wedding breakfast. For the ultimate in indulgence, take over the entire house and grounds, especially perfect for a Winter wedding in Yorkshire.

Crathorne Hall room decor | Coochicoo Cards Crathorne Hall room decor | Coochicoo Cards

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit . Contact: Nicola Jones, T: 01642 700398, E:

Manor House Hotel | Coochicoo Cards

Best North East Wedding Venues – Part 12

We continue the second week of featuring more best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East who we are very proud to work with, and be preferred wedding stationery provider for. This follows on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post and we are showcasing a different #weddingvenue every day for two weeks. So in no particular order today we feature the Manor House Hotel at The Green, West Auckland, Co Durham, DL14 9HW.

Manor House Hotel | Coochicoo CardsThe Manor House hotel is a 12th Century building and the perfect wedding venue for you. It is reputed to have been Henry VIII’s hunting lodge and home to the Eden family. The hotel has original wooden beams, sloping roofs and creaky floorboards, nooks, cracks and crannies that are all part of the building’s original foundations and give it its unique charm. The Manor House is situated in the beautiful village of West Auckland just 10 minutes away from Darlington and Durham. It is family owned and they pride themselves on friendly customer care and high quality food. It has a beautiful garden which is the perfect back-drop for your wedding photographs. They offer a wide selection of menus and drinks packages, or if you want something else they will work with you to create your own unique wedding day.

Manor House Hotel Gazebo | Coochicoo Cards Manor House Hotel room decor | Coochicoo Cards

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit Contact:Angie T: 01388 834 834, E:

Cover photo by Simon Hogben Photography

Thief Hall | Coochicoo Cards

Best North East Wedding Venues – Part 11

We continue the second week of featuring more best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East who we are very proud to work with, and be preferred wedding stationery provider for. This follows on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post and we are showcasing a different #weddingvenue every day for two weeks. So in no particular order today we feature the unique and stunning Thief Hall at Thornton Le Moore, Northallerton, DL7 9EH.

Thief Hall | Coochicoo CardsThief Hall is a barn conversion restored in stunning style, offering a classic venue with open beams and a clean modern finish. It is set in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire, the perfect backdrop for your special day. It is a blank canvas venue for you to put your own unique stamp on, choosing your caterers, bar, entertainment, décor etc. Thief Hall can hold up to 100 guests for an indoor ceremony and wedding breakfast and up to 180 guests for an evening reception. For larger numbers you can hire an outdoor marquee. Thief Hall also boasts a unique opportunity for you to have a dream woodland wedding.

Thief Hall room setting | Coochicoo Cards

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit Contact: Jessica, T:01609 801700, E: