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A Hidden Gem in Northallerton

Did you know that Northallerton has been hiding a wedding venue secret…….the Allerton Court Hotel! Situated on the edge of Northallerton the hotel has a bright modern interior with a spacious function room and large garden at the rear, perfect for your wedding photographs.

They can cater for any size wedding from an intimate 10 guests upto 120 for your civil ceremony and wedding breakfast, and up to 250 evening guests. Their wedding menu’s are created using local providers using the freshest best quality ingrediants.

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The wedding team at Allerton Court Hotel understand that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and their aim is to make it unforgettable. They take pride in providing professional standards, excellent service, flexibility and attention to detail whilst creating a relaxed atmosphere to ensure you and your guests enjoy the big day.

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit . Contact: Louise T: 01609 780525, E:

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Top 10 Facts About Valentine’s Day

It is renowned for being the ‘most romantic day of the year’ with flowers, cards and gifts, but why? Here are the top 10 interesting facts about the big Valentine’s Day…….

  1. The most popular theory about Valentine’s Day’s origin is that Emperor Claudius II did not want Roman men to marry during wartime as single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret weddings. For this he was jailed and executed.
  2. While in jail, Valentine wrote a note to the jailor’s daughter he had fell in love with signing it “from your Valentine” – hence the first card.
  3. In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  4. In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared 14th February the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.
  5. The red rose was the favourite flower of Venus (the Roman goddess of love) and red symbolises strong romantic feelings.
  6. In the 1800’s Physicians advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love.
  7. In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card which is why cards are signed anonymously.
  8. The X (kiss) symbol is believed to originate in medieval times when people who could not write their names signed in front of a witness with an X. The X was then kissed to show their sincerity.
  9. In the 18th Century loves in England began to send trinkets and cards to their loved ones. In 1913 Hallmark Cards began mass producing Valentine’s Day cards and now over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.
  10. The average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year is 220,000.

Coochicoo Cards wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and if you are lucky enough to get engaged, many Congratulations xx

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Best North East Wedding Venues – Day 1

Following on from our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Venue post we bring you details of the best of the best #weddingvenues in the North East. At Coochicoo Cards we are very proud to work with each of these venues and to be their preferred wedding stationery provider.  Over the next two weeks we will feature a different #weddingvenue every day.  So in no particular order today we feature the gorgeous Croft Hotel at Croft on Tees, Nr Darlington, Co Durham, DL2 2ST.Croft Hotel | Coochicoo Cards

If you are looking for that special kind of venue, then the Croft Hotel, would be an exceptional choice. Originally built in 1835, located in the historic village of Croft on Tees overlooking the River Tees, The Croft is a beautiful hotel and can easily cater for any size celebration from an initiate wedding of 20 guests up to an evening celebration with 200 guests. The Croft boasts a unique two-storey Bridal Suite with its own private beauty salon and Jacuzzi bath.

Croft Hotel table setting | Coochicoo Cards Croft Hotel dancefloor | Coochicoo Cards

Book your wedding here and receive £25 discount off a wedding stationery order with us (terms apply).

For more information and to download their wedding brochure visit Contact: Courtney Cox,  T: 01325 720319,  E:
Photos by TimStewartPhotography


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10 Top Tips On Planning Your Guest List

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and having the right people there to share it with you is essential. Couples often tell us that deciding who to invite can be stressful as they feel pressured into inviting family or friends they have not seen in years. Well worry not, as here are 10 tips to help you choose who do and do not make the cut……

Choose Your Venue
Before you think about your guest list find and book your wedding venue and see how many people it accommodates. If your perfect venue is a small boutique hotel that only has room for 50 people then you cannot have a guest list of 100’s.

Be Realistic
It is not possible to invite everyone you know. Accept that some people are going to be disappointed for not being invited. Remember it is YOUR day so do what is best for you.

Make The List 50/50
Split the guest list in half – the first half will go to you and the other half to your partner and remember to account for mutual friends.

It Is Your Wedding, Not Your Parents
Some parents can get overly excited, after all the apple of their eye is getting married, and they may start inviting all their friends and family. Make sure they know how many people they can actually invite (and you still have the final say on who they are).

The One Year Rule
As a guide, do not invite anyone you have not spoken to in more than a year. This is a good idea for cutting those you are not 100% sure about.

No Plus Ones
Everyone has that friend or family member who has a new partner every few weeks and it is hard to keep up with their love life. So a good rule to have is if they are not a long-term partner they don’t make the list.

No Children
Not allowing children is a good way to cut down numbers. Make sure your guests know this so they have plenty of time to sort childcare. Word it in your invitations in a fun way (e.g. that they can have a night off from the kids) so they are not offended.

The Co-Worker Dilemma
Only invite co-worker that you see outside of work and socialise with. Just because you work 8 hours a day with someone, it does not necessarily make them your friend.

Do Not Feel Guilty
Look at your list again, is there anyone who is only on it because you feel guilty about leaving them off? Then take them off. Just because you were invited to their wedding does not mean they should be at yours.

Stick To Your Rules
Once you set the list, stick to it. Some of these tips may seem harsh but be strong as they will help you reign in your budget. There are always going to be people who are upset or offended for not being invited but it is your day and you should have the people there who mean the most to you.

For help on organising your seating plan please see our earlier Blog article ‘Strategic Seating Planning’

Tips on planning your civil wedding ceremony | Coochicoo Cards

TopTips On Planning Your Civil Ceremony

Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  You could apply this rule to booking your wedding venue and registar…….you have found your dream venue and picked your wedding date, now you need to contact your local Register Office to make sure they are available to conduct your ceremony on that date.

The Legal Stuff

  • You must give ‘notice to marry’ (a legal declaration that you are both free to marry each other) to the registrar in the district where you live. If you both live in different districts then you each need to give a separate notice to the registrar in your own district.
  • The notice will be displayed publicly in the register office where you live.
  • A notice is valid for 12 months and you cannot give notice until your ceremony venue is booked.
  • The registrar will need written evidence of your full name, age and address, and if you were previously married, proof that your marriage ended and that you are free to remarry.

On The Day

  • Ensure you and your guests arrive for the ceremony on time. The registrar may have other ceremonies to conduct on the same day and may have to leave and not be able to conduct yours if it is delayed.
  • Registrars will arrive at the venue approx 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. They will introduce themselves and see you both separately to the check the details to go onto the marriage certificate
  • They will begin the ceremony with a welcome and you will be asked, in turn, to repeat your legal vows. (The ceremony will follow the order you have chosen).
  • At the end of the ceremony you will each sign the register, and then be presented with your wedding certificate. Two witnesses must also sign the register and they must speak English and be old enough to understand the role they are playing. 






Getting Married Outdoors

  • There a number of licensed venues in the UK with outside structures where you can get married outdoors.
  • Unfortunately UK laws do not allow you to be legally married on a beach (although you can have blessing).

Change Your Passport

  • Book your honeymoon travel tickets in the name you will have on your passport at the time of travelling.
  • Some countries may not accept a passport that has not been changed even if you take your marriage certificate with you. Check with your travel agent or the country’s consulate before you go.
  • You can change the name on your passport up to 3 months before your ceremony but you cannot use your passport until after you are married.
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Your Gift List Dilema Solved

Gift list or no gift list? Well worry no more as we have the solution for you!  Who knew that Wedding Gift Lists are back on trend and it's not all about toasters and tea towels. As most engaged couples are already living together, gift lists are now more about upgrading to things you've always wanted but may not be able to afford. It's a once in a lifetime wish list for your dream home. Or perhaps you would prefer money towards a honeymoon, home renovations or donations to charity but feel uncomfortable asking your guests to bring actual cash on the day? 

The solution is Prezola, the wedding gift list company.  You can create the registry of your dreams with 50,000 gifts from 500 top brands and some that you won't find on any other gift list. It could not be simpler - just sign up online by clicking the Prezola logo below and enter code PZABVDYULVG. You will receive £50 credit to spend (Prezola Terms and Conditions apply, please see their website) and free gift list cards to send out with your invitations.

Wedding Gift List | Coochicoo Cards

Don't feel guilty about asking, as your guests really do want to buy you a gift. Lets face it, they would  rather you had something useful than something that will get put in a cupboard (or on eBay) and never see the light of day!


Coochicoo Cards accepts no responsibility and will not be liable in anyway if you sign up to Prezola. Any agreements and contracts will be between yourself and Prezola.


How to start wedding planning | Coochico Cards

How to start planning your wedding.

Whether you were lucky enough to ‘get a ring put on it’ over Christmas, New Year or Valentines or if you have been engaged for a while, we know you want to spread your joy and to spring into action planning your wedding.  With so many ideas out there where do you start? Well we recommend visiting local Wedding Fayres so you can get a feel for your dream venue and meet lots of lovely wedding suppliers who can advise what they can do to make your big day special.  After that, it is a good idea to revisit your shortlist of venues at their Wedding Open Evenings where the rooms are generally set up as they would be for a wedding and you can talk to the venue’s Wedding Coordinators and also meet the hotel’s preferred and recommended Wedding Suppliers.

There are still lots of Wedding Fayres going on through Spring and into Summer which we will be attending. We are very proud to be the chosen preferred and recommended wedding stationery supplier for a number of North East venues, so we are also attending their Wedding Open Evenings.

Full details of these events can be found on our website and Facebook events pages.  Keep checking the lists as more dates are added.

We hope to see you at any of these events and “Happy Wedding Planning”

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Want A Wedding Website?

We are EXTREMELY excited to launch our brand new service that will help couples give their guests all the information they will need about their wedding and even allow them to RSVP without buying a stamp or going to a postbox! The solution is to have your own tailored #weddingwebsite and we can build it for you.

Think of your own #weddingwebsite as a one-stop shop where your guests can visit whenever they have questions, instead of having to call or email you or your family members. They can RSVP easily and give you their menu choices at the same time (if you are giving them a meal option). And after the wedding they can upload their photo’s on your website so you have them all in one place and don’t have to sort through lots of emails or Facebook posts to collate them together.

You can include as much or as little information as you like but we have given a guide what we recommend to include on our Wedding Website page and you can see a sample website we made earlier.  Your website will be tailored to match the colour theme and style of your day and the rest of your wedding stationery.  All you have to do is fill in a simple set up form and send us any high resolution photos you want to include and we do the rest. From registering your own unique domain name to hosting the site to designing, creating and adding all the content to it, we have it covered.  We can also add a link to your wedding website on your invitations so you do not need to contact your guests separately to tell them about it!  And if you need to add updates or additional information at a later date, no problem, just tell us what you want and we will take care of it. You can rest in the knowledge that your wedding website is safe and secure with us as it will be hosted on a secure server by a local reputable expert who carries out regular back-ups and security checks so no data is lost and you won’t be spammed.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Dates For Your Diary

As the festive season draws upon us the wedding fayres seem to have dried up as venues host Christmas and New Year parties. But fear not, as all good wedding suppliers are already planning ahead and signing up for the best and most awesome wedding events in town! We know lots of you lovely people will be lucky enough to ‘get a ring put on it’ over Christmas and you will want to start spreading your joy, excitement and planning head in the New Year.  We have added some dates to our Wedding Fayres page and there will be lots of wedding open evenings to add to the list in the New Year. Keep checking the list on our website or bob over to our Facebook events page which will be updated soon.

There are lots of events to choose from but we must shout about the brand new Wedding Show coming to the Darlington Northern Echo Arena on 11th February 2018 hosted by the fabulous Darlington Weddings and is sure to be one not to be missed. Also the big one at Redworth Hall on 25th February which includes a wedding dress sale!!  The season will kick-off  with an intimate event at the very wonderful Thief Hall on 21st January.

Full details about all of these events, and more will be released in due course.


royal engagement | coochicooc cards

He asked, she said yes


Finally the wait is over……his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle which happened in London earlier this month

The wedding is set to take place in Spring 2018. And now the speculation begins as to what kind of wedding will they have…lavish of course but will it be glitter and sparkle or spring flowers in bloom? We cannot wait to find out and to share some inspiration with you.

Wedding Guide North of England Wedding Awards | Coochicoo Cards

What a winner!

The North of England wedding Awards #NOEWA, in association with The Wedding Guide UK are Yorkshire and North East England’s most prestigious awards for client service excellence. The Awards recognise those businesses which go the extra mile for their customers, providing outstanding service and inspiring their customers to want to actively and positively promote them. Coochicoo Cards are so excited and honoured that we won the ‘Wedding Stationery & Favours’ category! The comments and feedback from our brides and grooms has been truly overwhelming and heart warming and it has made the last 7 years of hard work worthwhile. When you work alone you never know if what you are doing is good enough but to now have the recognition that you are doing things right is all the motivation you need.

A million ‘thank yous’ to everyone who voted for us and for all your kind words.  There were sooo many comments made and I would like to share just a few of them here:

Sarah is a delightful lady, her work is impeccable and she is really friendly and professional. It was no trouble for her to travel 18 miles to my home to colour match ribbons, card and jewels, so that I was totally happy. I made a couple of amendments but it was not a problem at all, Sarah just took it in her stride. Highly recommend. Shirley & Peter married, on 24/06/2017

I came to Coochicoo cards with a completely random design which she had never done before, she even bought a circular cutter to fulfill my wishes and she perfectly designed my wedding invites exactly how I dreamed! I didn’t think they would ever be so perfect! Sent me various samples and they must have taken forever as they were so intricate but they were absolutely perfect. So grateful, thank you Sarah. Nicola & Johnathan, married on 02/10/2016

Sarah is fantastic! She’s so down to earth, organised and professional. She makes you feel at ease when planning stationery for your wedding and will always help you with a smile on her face. A wonderful lady with a beautiful business. She really deserves this award! Laura & Brandon, married on 01/07/2017

I cannot speak highly enough of Coochicoo Cards and the service Sarah provides. We had a very specific theme for our wedding stationery which Sarah designed and fulfilled to perfection. Rebecca & John, married on 17/07/2016

Sarah was amazing from start to finish. Helped us all the way through regarding suggestions for wordings and when things should be done. She made sure we were happy with everything and provided a very friendly personal service. Quality of everything was great and could not fault it at all. Would recommend her services to anyone. Jackie & Neil, married on 09/09/2016

For a full list of winners please visit Photograph courtesy of