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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but sometimes your personalities and style can get lost along the way. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your wedding a little bit more personal to you both:

Create Your Own Unique Hashtag
You and your guests can use this on social media so be imaginative with your hashtag name. Use it in the build up to your day, on the day and afterwards too. Keep track of messages from friends and family, photos etc. Make sure to include it in your invitations to let everyone know what it is.

Customise Your Invitations
The choices of personalised invitations are endless, so make sure you choose the right wedding stationer to work with who can create a design personal to you. You could include caricatures of you and your partner, artwork of things that represent your relationship, places of importance etc. At Coochicoo Cards we have created designs which included everything from children to pets, Paris to New York, tractors to tea parties, ladybirds to woodland creatures…nothing is impossible.

Write your own vows
This is the ultimate personal touch to your wedding. Do not be afraid as your vows do not have to be too gushy and romantic – just personal to you both – even if you include a sense of humour. Speak from the heart, it’s the one chance to show your friends and family how you truly ‘get’ each other.

Use old photographs
Instead of using table numbers use photographs of places/things special to you both. Or create a display of old photographs of you and your partner from babies to now. This is sure to entertain your guests.

Choose your own playlist
Work with your DJ to make a playlist filled with your favourite songs and music that has meaning to you both. Rely on the DJ to make sure the right songs are played at the right time though.

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Your Gift List Dilema Solved

Gift list or no gift list? Well worry no more as we have the solution for you!  Who knew that Wedding Gift Lists are back on trend and it's not all about toasters and tea towels. As most engaged couples are already living together, gift lists are now more about upgrading to things you've always wanted but may not be able to afford. It's a once in a lifetime wish list for your dream home. Or perhaps you would prefer money towards a honeymoon, home renovations or donations to charity but feel uncomfortable asking your guests to bring actual cash on the day? 

The solution is Prezola, the wedding gift list company.  You can create the registry of your dreams with 50,000 gifts from 500 top brands and some that you won't find on any other gift list. It could not be simpler - just sign up online by clicking the Prezola logo below and enter code PZABVDYULVG. You will receive £50 credit to spend (Prezola Terms and Conditions apply, please see their website) and free gift list cards to send out with your invitations.

Wedding Gift List | Coochicoo Cards

Don't feel guilty about asking, as your guests really do want to buy you a gift. Lets face it, they would  rather you had something useful than something that will get put in a cupboard (or on eBay) and never see the light of day!


Coochicoo Cards accepts no responsibility and will not be liable in anyway if you sign up to Prezola. Any agreements and contracts will be between yourself and Prezola.


The Latest Wedding Trend

Our aim at Coochicoo Cards is to give you your perfect wedding stationery and to do that we keep up to date with the latest #weddingtrends and introduce new products to suit. The hot trend this season is glamorous glitter and sparkle and our brides tell us they are LOVING IT! Before you dismiss the sparkly stuff as being too OTT or garish, just wait, because done right, a little glitter can give your wedding that extra level of glamour and sophistication.  Here are just some of the products we have created for you. 

Add a touch of sparkle with our Glitter Belly Band invitation, go bolder with our Glitter Pull Out Pockets, or for the ultimate in glam shine go for either our Deluxe Glitter Pull Pocket or our brand new Deluxe Glitter Pocketfold Wallet and both of these are covered in sparkle from head to toe! 

The Belly Band and Pull Out Pocket invitations are available in this massive choice of colour sparkle and can be teamed with any colour ribbon. And we can tailor the rest of your wedding stationery to match the same theme and style too including your Table Plan, Guest Book, Welcome Signs and even these beautiful glass votive candle holders which can be supplied with or without a personalise guest name tag.

Either order your samples on-line by clicking on the image you want above (and tell us your colour choice at the Paypal check-out) or drop us an email if you want something more bespoke.

New products | Coochicoo Cards

Time for a little facelift

At Coochicoo Cards we make sure we keep on trend with our wedding stationery designs and to listen to what our customers what. We thought some of our designs were looking a little tired and needed a facelift to give them a boost and here are the results.

Our modern 'Timeline' wedding invitation now has a gorgeous glow with the outside cover available in glorious glitter, pretty textured pearl or floral artwork.  This shows just three possibilities but we can make them in any colour to match your theme. Just imagine a beautiful pale pink textured pearl overlay with a delicate champagne gold ribbon, how lush would that be! 

Rose Gold glitter and pale pink timeline wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards
Ivory pearl timeline wedding invitation | Coochicoo cards
Rustic floral and dusky pink timeline wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards

Our fun and funky 'Tie The Knot' wedding invitation has been given a little nautical feel which we hope you love. As your guests open the invitation an actual knot is tied! Choose either twine or any colour ribbon and text to match your theme. 

Tie The Knot with twine wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards
Quirky Tying the knot wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards
blue nautical tie the knot wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards

Our latest 'Four Fold' wedding invitation has a refreshing new look with the introduction of wonderful watercolour artwork that flows across every page.  This has four pages with the last being a tear-off RSVP and it all folds up into a neat A6 size. We are showing just two possibilities here in a lovely lilac and purple watercolour splash, and pretty pale pink watercolour flowers. But just tell us your theme and we can create the perfect design for you. 

Tri-fold purple lilac watercolour splash wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards
Tri-fold dusky pink watercolour wedding invitation | Coochicoo Cards

All of the designs are available with a matching set of wedding stationery from Save The Dates and Evening Invitations right through to Table Plans and Place Setting Cards.  If you would like to order any samples just select the design from our Invitations page and hit 'Order sample'. You will be taken to a Paypal cart where you can leave comments about your colour theme and style.  Should you have any questions please just contact us!

Wedding website | Coochicoo Cards

Want A Wedding Website?

We are EXTREMELY excited to launch our brand new service that will help couples give their guests all the information they will need about their wedding and even allow them to RSVP without buying a stamp or going to a postbox! The solution is to have your own tailored #weddingwebsite and we can build it for you.

Think of your own #weddingwebsite as a one-stop shop where your guests can visit whenever they have questions, instead of having to call or email you or your family members. They can RSVP easily and give you their menu choices at the same time (if you are giving them a meal option). And after the wedding they can upload their photo’s on your website so you have them all in one place and don’t have to sort through lots of emails or Facebook posts to collate them together.

You can include as much or as little information as you like but we have given a guide what we recommend to include on our Wedding Website page and you can see a sample website we made earlier.  Your website will be tailored to match the colour theme and style of your day and the rest of your wedding stationery.  All you have to do is fill in a simple set up form and send us any high resolution photos you want to include and we do the rest. From registering your own unique domain name to hosting the site to designing, creating and adding all the content to it, we have it covered.  We can also add a link to your wedding website on your invitations so you do not need to contact your guests separately to tell them about it!  And if you need to add updates or additional information at a later date, no problem, just tell us what you want and we will take care of it. You can rest in the knowledge that your wedding website is safe and secure with us as it will be hosted on a secure server by a local reputable expert who carries out regular back-ups and security checks so no data is lost and you won’t be spammed.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

cheque book wedding invitation | Coochicoo cards

How to word your wedding invitations

First impressions count and your wedding invitations set the tone of what your guests can expect on the big day, so we understand the importance of them being perfect inside and out! Don’t worry if you are not a budding Shakespeare as once you’ve found your perfect design we can help you with the wording.

So, what should be included…..

• Title, first name and surname of the couple
• Who they are from – they are normally sent from the hosts, which are traditionally the brides’ parents, and are generally written in the third person (i.e. Mr & Mrs Jones). However, it is becoming more common for them to be sent from the couple themselves. Traditionally the brides name appears before the groom, but there is nothing to say you can’t break convention and word your invitations however you want! The wording becomes more complicated if parents are divorced or if the couple are holding the event themselves.
• Correct invitation – ‘the honour of your presence’ is generally used for a religious ceremony and ‘the pleasure of the company’ is for non‐religious.
• Where the ceremony is taking place
• Date, month and year of the wedding ceremony
• Where the wedding reception is taking place (if different from the ceremony)
• Address/telephone/email to which guests should reply
• A reply date
• You might also wish to include details such as: any dress code or theme; the time the guests can expect the day to come to an end; whether children are invited. If children are invited, make this clear by including their names on the invitation (as parents might assume the children are not invited if not specified). If children are not invited include wording like ‘As much as we would like to invite all the children of our friends, it is only possible to accommodate the children of close family’, or ‘We are sorry we are unable to accommodate children’.

Follow this link for our suggestions on how to word your invitations.

To order samples of any our invitations, with printed insert please just choose your favourite design(s) from our Invitations page and select the ‘order sample’ button.

Hot New Invitations

We are excited to have added some gorgeous new #weddinginvitations to our range. Here’s a sneak preview of some of them but check out our invitations page to see them all.