How To Handle A Bridesmaidzilla

What to do when your friend has big plans for your wedding day and starts behaving like a diva. Here are some common bridesmaid problems and tips on how to solve them:

1. She won’t wear the dress you have chosen
If your heart is set on having your entire bridal party in a particular colour/style tell her how lovely she looks in the dress you have chosen and emphasise that the colour/style suits her. But if she sulks after that gently remind her that it’s your day and you would happily wear whatever she chooses for you on her wedding day. Or consider letting each bridesmaid choose a different style which suits them but keep to the same colour theme. There is nothing to say that they all have to wear identical outfits.

2. Your bridesmaids keep arguing
If your bridesmaids do not know each other very well then get them all together for a proper bonding session before your hen do. Make it a fun girly day out or night in. But if it’s still muskets at dawn between them, remind them it is your day and ask them nicely to at least tolerate each other until after the wedding, you could even try to limit the amount of time they spend together.

3. She has very strong opinions on your choices.
When helpful advice turns into pushy badgering, it might be time to say something. Tell her the awful dress she has picked out is not the one of your dreams, or her choice of venue is just not you! It’s your day and if she loves you, she’ll understand.

4. She is organising the hen do from hell
Although surprises are nice, when it comes to your hen-do its best to give your bridesmaid an idea of what your perfect night/weekend is. If you do not want an expensive weekend away that is outside everyone’s budget then tell her, if you do not want strippers then tell her.

5. She expects you to pay for EVERYTHING
Remind her that weddings are expensive and that you are not made of money. Tell her that while she is an important part of your day she may have to pay for her own shoes/hotel/make up etc.

Remember that your friends should love you and always have your best interests at heart. If they won’t toe the line then maybe you need to reconsider if they are the right girl for the job!