How To Survive Wedding Fayres

So you’ve got the ‘ring on it’ and now you want to spring into action planning your wedding. With so many ideas out there where do you start? We recommend visiting local Wedding Fayres so you can get a feel for your dream venue and meet lots of lovely wedding suppliers who can advise what they can do to make your big day special.

Good news – the wedding fayre season is upon us with lots of events happening every Sunday from now until November. They can be fun and exciting but also a little overwhelming at first so here is our handy guide to what you can expect and how to ace it!

1.Bring Your Bestie
You need some support at a wedding fayre but only invite close friends/family who are not going to be controlling or over opinionated. Don’t bring an entire entourage or all the different opinions will just stress you out.

2.Take Your Time
There’s a lot to look at so make sure you get the most out of your visit by having a list of which types of suppliers you want to talk to and tick them off first. Grab your map/floor plan when you register at the door. If you forget the names of your favourite suppliers when you get home, you can refer back to it. Don’t feel rushed and take your time to enjoy the experience and take it all in. Exhibitors are experts in our fields so tell us about your wedding day and ask as many questions you need to.

3.Pack Light
Bring an empty bag and leave your coats in the car. No matter how cold it is outside, with all the people milling around and the goody bags/leaflets/freebies you’ll be handed, you won’t want to have to carry your coat as well! Wear comfy shoes as there will be mooching and generally standing room only.

4.Just Say No (Thank You)
If you are not interested in a particular product or service just say no and don’t feel like you have to indulge every exhibitor. There is plenty more for you to see and honestly exhibitors would much rather our time and leaflets are not wasted and you won’t hurt our feelings.

5.Catch The Catwalk
Bridal catwalks are the best place to see a wide variety of beautiful wedding dresses with bridal boutiques showcasing the year’s most sought after designs. Shows often also include bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories, mother of the bride/groom and even suits for the boys.

6.Register, Register, Register
Pre-register with the event organisers to pick up a fantastic goodie bag on the day. Many exhibitors offer special prices, unique offers, free products or run competitions if you register with them or book their services on the day. Make sure you register with them or sign up to their newsletters to keep up-to-date with the offers and wedding planning advice. You will talk to lots of suppliers so keeping in touch with the ones you liked after the event is a great idea. (You can always unsubscribe later if it gets too much).

7.And relax…
Once you’ve been round the event finish off in the bar or lounge with a glass of fizz or a cup of tea and reflect on everything you’ve seen. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a supplier again just head back at the end. We really won’t mind.

8.After The Event
If you loved the venue but not sure how it will look on your day, it is a good idea to revisit at their quieter Wedding Open Evenings. The rooms are generally dressed and you can talk to their Wedding Coordinators in a quieter more relaxed environment.Wedding Fayres | Coochicoo Cards