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Your Gift List Dilema Solved

Gift list or no gift list? Well worry no more as we have the solution for you!  Who knew that Wedding Gift Lists are back on trend and it's not all about toasters and tea towels. As most engaged couples are already living together, gift lists are now more about upgrading to things you've always wanted but may not be able to afford. It's a once in a lifetime wish list for your dream home. Or perhaps you would prefer money towards a honeymoon, home renovations or donations to charity but feel uncomfortable asking your guests to bring actual cash on the day? 

The solution is Prezola, the wedding gift list company.  You can create the registry of your dreams with 50,000 gifts from 500 top brands and some that you won't find on any other gift list. It could not be simpler - just sign up online by clicking the Prezola logo below and enter code PZABVDYULVG. You will receive £50 credit to spend (Prezola Terms and Conditions apply, please see their website) and free gift list cards to send out with your invitations.

Wedding Gift List | Coochicoo Cards

Don't feel guilty about asking, as your guests really do want to buy you a gift. Lets face it, they would  rather you had something useful than something that will get put in a cupboard (or on eBay) and never see the light of day!


Coochicoo Cards accepts no responsibility and will not be liable in anyway if you sign up to Prezola. Any agreements and contracts will be between yourself and Prezola.