Wedding Planning Budget

He's put a ring on it, you're dizzy with excitement and have a million ideas of how you want your dream day to be but before you start booking suppliers left right and centre, take a breather sit down and work out a budget. OK so it's not very romantic but you don't want to over spend and allow the costs to spiral out of control and end up starting your married life in debt. It is how you spend your money that counts and not how much. Traditionally the father of the bride paid for most of the expenses but times have moved on and now most couples choose to pay for the bulk of the wedding themselves or even split it three ways between the couple and both sets of parents. But it comes down to who is willing and able to pay.

We offer you some advice on how to set your budget and given you a handy Wedding Budget spreadsheet to keep you on track.


Decide what is more amazing dress? the dream venue? 100+ guests? then add that to the budget and divide what is left over to other suppliers.

Set Up A 'Wedding Fund' Bank Account

Both of you put a set amount of money into this account each week/month and pay all of your suppliers from this account. Some banks offer cash-back for opening an account which you can put that towards the wedding.

Decide Together

Make sure you are both 100% happy with what you are spending to avoid any arguments.

Venue Deposit

The biggest expense of your day is the venue so make sure it is right place, affordable and that your guests can make it before you pay the deposit.

Get It In Writing

Use only reputable suppliers and make sure you get written quotes and order confirmations before you pay any deposits and they you have read and agree to their terms and conditions.

Have A Contingency

Set aside around 10% contingency in case of any problems (e.g the cars don’t arrive and you need to get a taxi, a supplier goes bust and you need to find another - you should be able to claim this back on your insurance after the wedding).

There are lots of wedding budge planners available on line, try this one from